Bruce Alderman

Bruce Alderman

Metatheory Team Leader Bruce Alderman, MA, is an affiliate faculty at John F. Kennedy University in the Consciousness and Transformative Studies and Holistic Counseling Psychology departments. Recent integrally themed publications include essays in Integral Review, Dancing with Sophia: Integral Philosophy on the Verge and Wir Vielen in dieser einen Welt: Unsere Weltanschauung weiterentwickeln für den nachhaltigen Umbau unserer Zivilisation. In the early 2000s, Bruce learned about the imminent launch of Integral Naked while visiting Ken's Wilber's loft, and has been a member of IN and its later incarnations ever since. After years of moderating several integral discussion forums of his own, including Integral Postmetaphysical Spirituality and Integral Scholarship and Practice, he is venturing into production of integral video content himself.

Encyclopedia of Integrative Metatheories

Taking the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy as inspiration, the Encyclopedia of Integrative Metatheories will be a free online resource that defines the relevant terms and concepts for the growing body of philosophical work underlying integrative metatheories.

Integrative Policing Transformation Initiative (Phase 1)

An Integrative Model of Policing Transformation is an Initiative designed to map the fuller complexity of policing in the United States and examine how a transformation toward a fuller guardian model of policing might be achieved.

The Ethics & Science of Metatheories

IAM investigates the proper role and application of metatheories, especially the ethics and empirics of their relationship to underlying theories. When do metatheories start to act like theories, and are there limits to the range of applications they can be properly used for in the Institute's work?