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Tam Lundy

Social Sector Initiative Co-Lead A consultant, educator and mentor in the field of human and social development, Tam has led innovative initiatives in diverse sectors and settings, including health, human services, education, and early childhood development, and has worked with multiple levels of government. She has developed and delivered numerous workshops and training intensives, and has written extensively on topics that include health promotion, capacity building, community engagement, and generative approaches to change. Tam has also taught university graduate courses in health promotion and education. Tam's work in self-regulation grew out of her long-time commitment to health and human development, and a deep dive into research showing the impact of self-regulation capacities on mental wellness, resilience and thriving. Her self-reg work is grounded in a strong conviction that integrative, strengths-building approaches help children and youth to develop self-reg skills that will be with them for life. Tam is the founder of the Take 5! Self-Reg Asset-Building approach and, in recent years, has introduced Take 5! to diverse professional groups, including educators, school counselors, child and youth workers, youth mental health professionals, early childhood professionals, and other health & human service providers. She holds a doctorate in Human and Social Development from the University of Victoria. Tam is based in Victoria, British Columbia.