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Lori Teller

Organization & Leadership Development Team Leader Lori’s personal interests, academic training and life/work experience have all revolved around a profound belief in human potential, a curiosity about culture and the drive to bring thought into action. As a natural integrator/synthesizer, Lori was powerfully impacted by the work of Ken Wilber as read in The Theory of Everything and has been grateful to have found the integral community. Her work over four decades spans industries and sectors with the common thread being: shaping and implementing change at the leadership and organizational levels to enable new possibilities. While working with Hewlett Packard company, Lori both as a part of an internal training and consulting group and later as an independent consultant, focused on the Company’s transition from stand alone product divisions into a computer systems organization. She supported organizational mergers and acquisitions, the formation of new leadership teams, cultural alignment and integration efforts, and pioneered the application of a methodology that was called “POM” (process of management). Through her work applying POM across the computer systems business, she helped leadership teams develop their vision, values, plans, metrics, and continuous improvement efforts. As Director of Organizational Development at Charles Schwab, Lori introduced a methodology for implementing accelerated change which was applied to new technology projects, the expansion of call centers as well as the reengineering of operational processes and systems. At Chevron, she designed and implemented mentoring programs and knowledge transfer methods. Her work on numerous global large scale projects was to bring a (human/organization) change management thread to technical projects. Most recently, Lori helped Santa Cruz County’s largest non-profit not simply restructure, but transform all of its critical organizational elements to address its current and future challenges. Undergraduate studies at UC Berkeley completed with Bachelor degrees in Social Science and Spanish. Subsequent studies at Pepperdine University conferred a Masters degree in Organization Development. Additional training in the subtle realms has included various forms of meditation and energetic work. As an aspiring citizen of the world, Lori has twice been a foreign exchange student. She and her family have hosted three foreign exchange students and dozens of cultural exchange visitors from across the globe. After a year of traveling around the world with her husband and daughter and multiple residential moves across the Western US, she is gratefully settled in the Monterey Bay Area in California. Unfortunately, after leaving New Mexico, her days of flying hot air balloons ended but since then cycling tandem with her husband, playing pickleball, renovating home and native garden projects and various forms of art have filled the void. In this current life stage, PREFERMENT, (aspiring to the preferred rather than retiring) Lori very much looks forward to joining the creative and talented team at IAM to make the vision manifest.